How to change blogger favicon

How To Change Blogger Favicon

In this article you will get to know how to change blogger favicon.Before knowing about the trick we should know that what is favicon? Favicon is a small icon image which is displayed beside the website link in the URL bar of the browser. The favicon for the website must be a nice and attractive image which gives a professional look to your website. Every website uses a different favicon but if you use blogger then there you see a default favicon of blogger on your blog but you can change the default blogger favicon to the icon of your choice.
So there are bascically two methods through which you can change the blogger favicon –

1st method

(i)Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Then Layout

(ii)On the Top left side their is a gadget named Favicon.

(iii)Click on Edit box and there is an option to browse them from your device.

(iv)Select the desired image from your device and then click on the save button.

The method taught above can be used for the image of any format but not for the animated icons,so if want to add custom  favicon with animation then you must follow the second method.

2nd method

(i) Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Then Template

(ii) Click on Edit HTML.

(iii) Search the Code by Ctrl+F which look Like <b:skin>

(iv) Now Paste Below Code Just  above the code we have searched.

                        <link rel="shortcut icon" href="URL OF YOUR ICON"/> 

(v) Now Replace the URL OF YOUR ICON  with source URL of your image where it is uploaded or placed.
You can save your image on any data storage or Image uploading website like Picasa web and then copy the source of your image.
After changing the link and placing them in right place of your template just Save it.
You will get your icon saved in place of the default blogger favicon.
So these were the two methods to change the blogger favicon. Hope you learned something and enjoyed reading the article on how to change the blogger favicon.If you are using blogger and wanted to change it then go for it now.