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On January 7, 2016
Last modified:August 18, 2016


Semrush is a great tool indeed. This has helped many bloggers and website owners get the things done in a right way. Understanding competitor is very important and this tool does the job for you very effectively.

Whether your business is online or offline you need to have a look at what your competitors are doing, what strategies they are applying in order to get sales and generate more revenue and same goes for blogging as well.

Many bloggers often complain of getting no traffic even though they produce content daily and have been doing the same thing for months and years along with building links (quality links).

Those who use Google Adsense to monetize their websites often complaint of getting low CPC, one of the main reason for getting low CPC is “Poor Keywords”, by the term “Poor Keywords” I mean which pay a CPC of only a few cents, not more than $0.05, on the other hand, your competitor is getting $2-5 on an average. Why is this so? KEYWORDS.

Now the question arises – “How would I know what keywords my competitors are using which is giving them that much revenue?” and the answer lies in a single word-SEM RUSH (Semrush)-A complete tool for advanced competitors analysis.

Sem rush (semrush) allows you to sneak peak into any website on the internet – What are they ranking for, which keywords are making them money, how much a keyword pays, what is the total number of searches for a particular keyword, how much they are paying to get ads and traffic etc.

Why Check Competitors Keywords?

This is the thing which you should know before proceeding, everything has a reason. Keywords are the building blocks for your website or your blog. If you need to popularize it then you have to choose the right keywords for your website or articles. When you type a keyword in the search engine search box and it displays the result and every time you see that your competitors site is ranked above you and just like this there may be so many keywords for which that website might be ranking.

That website might have done a lot of keyword research and then made his/her site on the top of search results by choosing the right keywords and you should know those keywords so that you can make your articles or website rank for those keywords which can pay you well and bring your site on top.

What do I need to find competitors keywords?

You need the following things for the purpose-

  1. Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Your competitors websites
  4. And finally, you need SEMRUSH tool.

Some of SEMRUSH Features

Sr. No. Feature What Does This Do
1 Analytic Reports
  • Observe position changes of domains
  • Discover new organic competitors
  • See competitors’ best keywords
2 Advertising Research
  • Localize Your Ad Campaigns
  • Discover New Competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads
  • Analyze Your Online Rivals’ Ad Copies and Keywords
  • Uncover Your Competitors’ Ad Strategies and Budget
3 Backlinks
  • Spot your links’ geolocation
  • Check backlinks’ types
  • Understand referring domains’ authority
  • Conduct a deep link analysis
4 Keyword Research
  • Explore multinational and multilingual environments
  • Get long-tail keywords
  • Gather phrase matches and related keywords
  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
5 Keyword Difficulty
  • Estimate keyword difficulty instantly
  • Find keywords with less competition
6 Domain Vs Domain
  • Visualize data
  • See domains’ common and unique keywords
  • Set side-by-side domains’ comparisons
7 Position Tracking
  • Target different devices
  • Group keywords with tags
  • Discover local competitors
  • Track any domain or keyword from any location
8 Site Audit
  • Track SEO optimization progress
  • Prioritize SEO issues and decide what to fix first
  • Check your site’s health with our SEO analysis tool
9 Social Media Tool
  • Visualize data
  • Research your competitors
  • Keep track of your Social Media campaigns

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How to use Sem rush for Keyword Research?

Now we come to the main part and that is how to use Semrush to find out what keywords competitors use. Here is the step by step guide for which you have been waiting so long:

I.) First of all, you have to visit the official site: The clue to secrets of all your competitors.

II.) Sign up and make an account to proceed with your research, this is going to give you much more in future.

III.) After you are signed up, visit the home page and type the name of your competitors website (here, for example, I am taking as our competitor website) and it will display you the results like this:

sem rush competitor analysis


IV.) Look at the above image you can see the graph, the time for which the results are shown. Make sure it is set to “all time” option.

V.) In the left-hand sidebar you will see an option like “Organic Research”, just click on that.

sem rush organic research


This option will give you the list of keywords for which your competitor is ranking and the positions as well as.

VI.) The chart will look like this:


sem rush tool

VII.) Here in this chart click on the “Export” button and then click on “CSV” option to download it to your computer.

VIII.) After you have downloaded the report to your computer, look for the file and open it.

IX.) It will contain a table with different columns such as keywords, CPC, position, URL. Here you can see what keywords they are using.

NOTE – Please make sure that you do not choose the keywords which show the URL to the homepage of the website.

Should I Use Semrush?

To give you a clear and short answer I would say “YES”, you should definitely use this tool.

sem rush demo