How to check if your Site has Responsive Template

Check Responsive Template

Getting a responsive template for your website is very very very important. Just notice that I wrote very 3 times in the previous sentence, yes it is that much useful part for a site, your site needs to have a responsive template, only then your blog will be called as a responsive site. Every professional uses a responsive template on their site and they often advice other bloggers to use a responsive template on their sites too.

What Is Responsive Theme ?

Let us say you are not a blogger, you are one of the people who visit the internet for any sort of information or just passing time on social networking sites, for a second just imagine you are not a content or information provider you are a content seeker who just open up the browser in his/her laptop or mobile device to Google something and eventually lands on a website which you found can give you some information. Now you have the site in front of you on your PC, just have a look at it and then open the same link on your mobile device, suppose it appears in such a way that you have to look for the options there or in simple words you feel like only the device has changed but the interface is same, you have to move your screen left or right to have a complete view, will you stay on that site?

I think the answer to the above question is absolutely a big NO, you will get irritated the moment you start surfing the site. Now, if you want that your visitors should not do this when they visit your site then you have to choose a template which is responsive.

In short responsiveness of your site template is how it fits the screen of different sizes.

Why To use Responsive Template For Your Website/Blog ?

* Did you know today most of your visitors are from mobile device platform and it is expected to increase in the coming future.
* About 75% of visitors leave that website which is optimized for mobile devices.
* Talking about revenue then responsive templates can give you more earnings.
* Search engines prefers those sites which uses responsive templates.

Till now you must have realized how important it is to have a responsive template to have a responsive site. Now it is time to tell you the method to check if your site is responsive or not. Here we go with the methods :-

I.) :-
This is a simple responsive template checker tool, all you need to do is paste the URL of your website and hit the enter button and then you can see how your blog actually looks on different screen sizes :
240×320 (Small Phone)
320 x 480 (iPhone)
480 x 640 (Small Tablet)
768 x 1024 (i Pad-portrait)
1024 x 768 (i Pad-landscape)

II.) :-
Just like the above one, simple and easy to use, just enter the site name, here you can see your site on below different sizes :
240×320 (Small Phone)
320 x 480 (iPhone)
480 x 640 (Small Tablet)
768 x 1024 (iPad-portrait)
1024 x 768 (iPad-landscape)

III.) :-
This one is very much different from the above two, you need to have a account on their site to use their features, don’t worry you can get it for free of cost.  This one allows you to have a look at your site in so many different sizes and you can change the screen size by dragging the scroll bar.

IV.) :-
This falls in the category of the first two tools but it has much more screen sizes for you in which you can see your site and  analyze its responsiveness . Here are the sizes :
iPhone 3+4 portrait · width: 320px
iPhone 3+4 landscape · width: 480px
iPhone 5 portrait · width: 320px
iPhone 5 landscape · width: 568px
Crappy Android portrait · width: 240px
Crappy Android landscape · width: 320px
Android (Nexus 4) portrait · width: 384px
Android (Nexus 4) landscape · width: 600px
i Pad portrait · width: 768px
i Pad landscape · width: 1024px
Kindle portrait · width: 600px
Kindle landscape · width: 1024px

You can use any of the above method to test if you have used a responsive template or if you have a responsive site. If not, then it is high to shift to a responsive template, it will give you lot of benefits.