How to Create Adsense Account ? {Basic Guide}

I remember the evening when I was lying in my bed and suddenly my phone vibrated, it was a mail from Google Adsense, I suddenly get off my bed and gathered courage to open that mail (a newbie who is not getting adsense approved will completely understand this fear), the first word I read was “Congratulations”, reading this word I was 99% sure that I got approved but still there was 1% chance left and that was just my fear, Whoa I got approved.


How to Create Adsense Account ?

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In this post we will see how to create adsense account for you website or blog. Although there are many adsense alternative which falls in the list of best cpc ad networks or best pay per click sites but still adsense is no doubt the best one to get.

For newbies, let me tell you that Adsense is an ad network started by Google through which you can monetize your site and start earning. This complete guide for how to create adsense account will guide you from start to end as I know in the starting we are scared.

Some Key Points You Should Know Before Applying For Adsense

* Your blog/website should be 6 months old – This is just bullshit, a myth nothing else. It is not necessary believe me as I too got approved within 2 months and that too because I was also in the confusion of applying after 6 months but one day I applied for it saying that lets see what will happen, but fortunately I got approved.

* Apply for adsense with your website/blog named email. For example your domain name is, so make a Google account as [email protected] and then apply for adsense with this email.

* Your blog should have that much number of posts – Again a mere myth nothing else, but yes the quality of the post should be great to get approved like no grammatical mistakes, original content (should not be copied)

* Do have some important pages like “Contact Us”, “Privacy Policy”, “About Us”, “Disclaimer” on your blog/website to increase the probability of getting approved.

* Keep the updation on your blog consistent and try to make a schedule and more importantly fix to that schedule before and even after getting approved.

* Keep the blog responsive and of easily navigable design and do not forget to submit the sitemap to Webmaster Tools. You may know here – How to check responsiveness of a website.


Create Adsense Account

I.) First of all visit the official Google Adsense Sign Up Page . Here you will be asked to choose your Google account, a I told you above do choose a domain specific email address to increase the probability of getting approved. Sign in with your email.

II.) Enter your details and click on proceed button.


III.) Now a page will open up asking for you details like your name(Payee Name), address, country, time zone, city, state.

NOTE – Enter the payee name correctly as it is mentioned in your bank account name. Because there some countries people from which cannot change the payee name later. Click here to view those list of countries.

IV.) After continuing, read the policies and accepts all the terms in order to complete the application process.

V.) Apply for it.

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Now you have sent your application, wait for the response and do visit the adsense page by signing in with the email address you provided while submitting the application to see if there is any update. Good luck, for any queries feel free to ask.