How to create Hard Disk partition

How to create Hard Disk partitions

Here in this article you will get to know about How to create hard drive partition without formatting the current data present in your drives. Hard drives are the places where we store all our data like movies,songs,software and we want to store them separately ,for that partitions in hard drives are created but if you want to create hard drive partition means if you want one more drive to store some of your data then you might think how to create hard drive partition or if you are facing problem that you want to create a new hard drive without formatting your stored data then you may refer to the method explained below.
NOTE – please do all the steps carefully as your small mistake in any way could delete your data or to be on safe side you may create a back up.
So here are the steps to create new hard drive partition :-
* Click on START button on the desktop >> Then open “CONTROL PANEL”
* Look at the Top Right Corner and change your view to “Large Icons”.
* Look for “Administrative Tools” option and open it.

* After you open Administrative Tools you will see an option of “Computer Management” , click on it.

* Clicking on it will bring a new window on the screen, there on right side you will an option of “Storage”, open it.

control panel
* Then open Disk Management.

Now you will have to do the settings for your partition,it’s time to do the partition,so follow the below instructions carefully :
First of all you will have to shrink your current drives –
* Let us suppose that you want to shrink you all drives with 10 GB.
* Just Right click on the hard drive which you want to shrink.
* Then click on “SHRINK VOLUME” button and a new window will appear.
* When you click on shrink volume your space will become free.
* Now you need to follow same steps to shrink volume from other drives as well if you want o make a new drive with more space.

As now you have some free space to create a new partition so do the following steps to create it –
* Now on the window that will appear you will see a column showing FREE SPACE along with the column of your current drives, just Right click on it.
* Now click on “NEW SIMPLE VOLUME”.
* Now assign any alphabet of your choice which you want to see as the name of your new drive and continue.
* Finally your new drive has been created. 🙂
Hope you will appreciate my efforts and enjoyed reading the article about How To Create Hard Drive Partition. If you are aware of some other methods then please do not hesitate to share it in comment box.