Who Views Your Facebook Profile Page-How To Find It Out

Have you ever wanted to know that ” Who Views Your Facebook Profile”? Who views your Facebook photos? I think the answer I will get is a BIG YES. It’s a human nature, we all to be the center of attraction. Everybody is curious to know some common things from Facebook like Whether my crush has seen my pics? Which Girl/Boy has visited my page? Who views my pics? To all these questions I have a solution, or I must say a very simple solution.

who views your facebook profile

Biggest Advantage Of This Solution Over Any Other:

The biggest advantage for this trick to see who views you Facebook profile is that you don’t require any kind of third-party tool or software to know it which sometimes seems complicated and even then do not display the correct result.
In this method you just need to press some keys on your keyboard and the accurate result will be in front of you within a few minutes. So here we go with the method for “How to see who views your Facebook Profile ?”

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How to track Who Views Your Facebook Profile?


I.) First of all log in to your Facebook ID and then go to your timeline – facebook.com/xyz.

II.) Right click anywhere on your timeline and select ” VIEW PAGE SOURCE “.

III.) Now you will be redirected to a new page where you will see lots of codes.

IV.) On this page just press ” CTRL + F ” on your keyboard, after which a text box will appear on the screen, in that box you have to type:  “InitialChatFriendsList” ( without quotes ).

V.) Next to this word you will see a list of numbers displayed, these numbers are actually the profile ID’s of the people who visited your Facebook profile.

VI.) Now you juts have to go to Facebook.com and paste the ID number you found in that list after facebook.com with a ” / ” sign. For Example – Let us suppose 1234 is the ID number you found, now write it like dis – facebook.com/1234 ( ID number could be anything ).

VII.) Now leave the rest for Facebook, it will display the desired results.


This method has one limitation i.e you have to operate your Facebook in Chrome browser only because here we will be downloading an extension which promises to tell you who views your Facebook profile.

1.) Download Facebook Profile View extension to your chrome browser.

2.) That’s it, your job is done, just open your Facebook account in your chrome browser, visit the profile and there you will something like this:

who saw you facebook profile

3.) In the above image look at the red oval I have made, did you see “Visitors” tab there? Click on this, it will display you the results.

As simple as that, hope it works for you, some people have also claimed that with the “Method 1” they only see the results with whom they had a chat on Facebook, so it might show you that too if it shows you some unknown people then do tell us via comments.