How To Get More Followers On Instagram : Top Secret Tips

After Facebook, people are crazy about Instagram and why not, it allows them to share their photos with their followers and get some popularity among them. Who would not like to see hundreds of likes and comments on their posts?  I think everyone including me would love to see that.

Get Free Instagram Followers Faster

This platform not only provides you a medium to promote personal brands but also your business as well.
One thing we all want in our Instagram account is thousands of followers and that too in a short time, no body wants to wait for years to gain much followers, getting 5-10 followers can be very depressing and having 10-15 likes per post is more horrible even.
But no problem you can gain more followers on Instagram if you follow the below tested guidelines.

get more followers on instagram

I.) Connect Your Instagram and Facebook Accounts –

This is probably the most easiest and obvious way to grow your followers on Instagram and some people apply it well.
After you connect both of your connects then your Facebook friends will notice it and some of them ( Approx 3% ) will follow you on Instagram as well. However, if you post a status update on Facebook asking your friends to follow you on Instagram then this number can increase up to 5%.

II.) Use Popular Filters –

Most of the users prefers photos/pics  with some certain filters over others. Below is the list of top 10 filters you may use on your posts –

1.  Normal
2.  Earlybird
3.  X-Proll
4.  Hefe
5.  Rise
6.  Valencia
7.  Amaro
8.  Brannan
9.  Lomo-fi
10.  Hudson

III.) Use Popular Tags –

You must have used some tags on your Facebook and Twitter posts, same you have to do with your Instagram account, as people prefer pics more with with certain and nice tags over them. Here I provide you the list of top 20 tags on Instgram :

1.  #love
2.  #instagood
3.  #me
4.  #tbt
5.  #cute
6.  #photooftheday
7.  #instamood
8.  #iphonesia
9.  #picoftheday
10.  #igers
11.  #girl
12.  #tweegram
13.  #beautiful
14.  #instadaily
15.  #summer
16.  #instagramhub
17.  #follow
18.  #iphoneonly
19.  #igdaily
20.   #bestoftheday

IV.) Commenting More Than Liking –

Instagram users prefer commenting more than liking. If you want to see more likes and comments on your pics then have to connect with other users, you need to start engaging with them. If we talk about the ratio then every second people are likely to  create 575 new likes v/s 81 comments.
Let us take an example, if someone will place a nice comment on your pic then wouldn’t you go and visit his/her profile ? Obviously that you will, same is the case with others, if you comment on someone’s pic then that users is more likely to come to yours, not only they are likely to comment on your pic but also you can get one more follower by commenting on their pic.

V.) Give Like, Take Like –

For every hundred likes you do on other people’s photos you can generate approximately 21 likes for your pic and approx 6 new followers also, for which you don’t have to follow them back, what you did was just liking others pics.
As you will be liking the photos of people you don’t follow then it is estimated that approx 40% of all the likes and 30% of all comments on your photos would be coming from people who aren’t your followers yet.

VI.) Combining Your Photos –

followers on instagram


Look at the picture shown above, this is the combination of pics. If you want more likes and commenting and that too in a short span of time then take multiple shots and combine them to make a single image, this will tend to get more likes and comments at a faster rate and may give you some followers in return as well.

VII.) Think Well Before Posting –

Before posting a pic just take a look at the pic and think that would you like and comment on this pic if you see this on someone’s else account, if the answer is truly yes then go ahead and keep in mind that images about lifestyle like fancy cars, luxurious home and images that are  personal tend to see more engagement as compared to others.

VIII.) Your Timing Matters –

You might think that Do I have to look at my watch before posting just a photo? Then the answer is Yes my friend, you have to as timing is everything. After analyzing some of the pics, it is observed that the best time to post a photo on your account is ” Monday 5 PM, PST “.

And the other one on which you can post to get more engagement is either on Wednesday or Thursday at 3 PM, PST.
So what we can after all this as a conclusion is that if you wish to grow your followers count by a few hundreds per day, then best way is go and hit and the like button on thousands of this images, this will surely give you a huge jump in your followers but keep in mind that some of your followers may be fake (Some not all).

If you follow these tips suggested above then you will surely maximize your followers count on Instagram.
Have you got any other suggestion for boosting up the Instagram followers count ? Share with the world via comments.