How to keep track of passwords in windows

How to keep track record of passwords

In this article you will be learning about how to keep record of all your passwords. We all have different accounts on different websites and we have some passwords for them also,some are same but some are different according to the demands of the website. So here a problem arises and that problem is of remembering the passwords of all the accounts,I too suffer from this kind of problem that how to keep track of passwords safely and securely, but there is the solution,after reading this how to tutorial you would be able to keep record of passwords.
For this purpose we are using Keepas Password Manager that will store all your passwords securely. Keepass is a open source password manager which lets you save all your passwords in a single database in just one password. It provides high level security so that no one can easily crack your keepass account.
Now let us learn how to do it and keep track of passwords with keepass :-
i.) Download the Keepass Password Manager
ii.) Run the “keepass.exe” file.
iii.) After it open up then click on File >> New and provide here a name for your Database.

keep track of passwords

iv.) In the next step it will ask you to set a Master Password for your database.
(It is advised to set a strong master password for more security)

save password
v.) Now it will need the configuring of the database and will ask you to do so where you can provide a database name and description.

track of password
vi.) After you configure your database then you can save your passwords into it.
Task completed, that’s all you have to do.
So now leave the worry and store all your passwords with just one master password.Hope you learned something and enjoyed reading the article about How to Keep Track Of Passwords.