How to remove Powered By Blogger attribution

How to remove Powered By Blogger attribution

In this article you will learn how to remove powered by blogger attribution.Blogger is one of the most popular which provides layouts for blogs and in many infact almost all the blogger templates you will “Powered By Blogger’ attribute gadget. Some bloggers do not want this attribute to be visible on their website/blog for this purpose and they try to remove it but the problem is that while removing it when you click on EDIT button of gadget box you will only find 2 options there i.e Save and Cancel buttons,there is no Remove button for this purpose.

Then you might get stressed over it that how to do it now,don’t worry here i will provide you the way on how to remove Powered By Blogger attribute from blogger layout. You will have to do some editings in the HTML section of the blog but don’t worry it is very easy to perform,just follow the tutorial carefully.

So here is the method to remove Powered By Blogger attribute :-

i.) Log in to your blogger account.
ii.) Go to Blogger Dashboard >> then click on Template.
iii.) Click on Edit HTML option.
iv.) HTML coding will appear in front of you,there find a code as shown below –
<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>
v.) Now there in the code type locked=’false’ in place of locked=’true’ and click on save button. (NOTE – if it is already ‘false’ then you can remove it directly by following the next step and leave it)

vi.) Now you need to go back to your Layout section and then click on EDIT button of attribution gadget.
vii.) Now remove this Attribution gadget and save you changes.

viii.) Now just refresh your blog and see the changes.
May be this article helped you out and sorted out your related problem. Hope you enjoyed reading the article about how to remove Powered By Blogger attribution.