How to remove Shortcut Virus Easiest Way

How to remove shortcut virus

Virus – a kind of headache, although it is now easy to remove viruses but you never know when is your bad day and you have to face a kind of virus which you are not able to delete, that moment is most irritating. One kind of viruses are these shortcut viruses, this post of today will answer your question – How to remove shortcut virus? Actually whether the virus is easy to remove or complicated, it is always irritating as it consumes your precious time thus loss of work.

This article will help you in saving your time and save your files and remove shortcut virus from your computer. This post will highlight two easy methods to remove shortcut virus from you pen drives, memory card. Here we go :-

Remove Shortcut Virus

Method I To Remove Shortcut Virus :-

> With this method you can remove shortcut virus with Command prompt

If you don’t want to do anything and feel uncomfortable to do work with Command prompt then please directly head over to the 2nd method.

This is the first priority to remove shortcut virus and at the end you will also find that it was quite easy and less time consuming to perform not only from PC but also from pen drive and memory cards. Just follow these simple steps :

* Press Windows key + R, this will open Run dialogue box on the desktop, or you can navigate to path : Start >> Run.


* Type “cmd” in box and hit OK button.

* Here is the Command prompt for you on the screen. Now you have to go to your drives location and note the drive letter from which you want to remove shortcut virus. Let us suppose your affected drive letter is E.

* Now in the command prompt type – ” del *.lnk ” ( without quotes ) to remove all the link files present in the directory.

* Now you have to type – ” attrib -h -s -r /s /d e:\*.* ” (without quotes) and hit enter button on the keyboard.


NOTE – In the above notice there is an ‘e’ letter, that letter is for the drive which is affected by the shortcut virus, here is the command attrib -h -s -r /s /d drive letter:\*.* , in this command replace “drive letter” with the drive letter.

* This was all you have to do to remove shortcut virus from your PC, pen drive or memory card. Wasn’t it easy ? This is the reason I was sayng this should be the first priority. After you have removed shortcut virus from your Pen Drive and you have got your files, copy them somewhere on your PC and format your pen drive, doing this will get you rid shortcut viruses., after formatting you can again copy your files to your pen drive.

Method II :-

> In this method we will use a shortcut virus removal tool. Here we go :-

The tool is called USEBFIX, if you are somewhat feeling insecure to perform the first method then this is the best way to do so or should I say this tool will do it for you.

* Download and install USEBFIX to your PC.


NOTE – In case your PC rejects to install it, then uninstall your antivirus for few minutes.

* Connect your external storage device to your PC from which you want to remove shortcut virus.

* Now click on Deletion option, this will delete all the shortcut virus from the device. That’s it.

This was all you to do, I hope you have got answer to your question – How to remove shortcut virus and have understood both the methods to remove shortcut virus from your drives like pen drive, memory card.