How to Setup Cloudflare Best Free CDN to Speed Up Website

Those who are in blogging or online industry wants their website to load faster and even more faster and why not this is one of the major factor which is considered for your website ranking but the question remains in their mind – “How to Increase Website Speed”, although there are various methods to do so but here I am focusing on only which gives the real boost to it and that is Cloudflare but only installing it wont help, you need to configure it and I tell you how to setup clodflare, the best free CDN ever.

What is Cloudflare ?

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In short, it is a CDN network, which means Content Delivery Network. It is a proxy server between the client and your server which helps boosting up the speed of your website. I have also used Cloudflare and the results are amazing.

Why To Use Cloudflare ?

Although the introductory paragraph gave this explanation about this question but still I would like to tell you some key points which tells why is this worth using.

* Increase your website speed, better the speed better the chances of site ranking. (More site speed is a good practice in SEO)

* The best part, it also provides satisfactory results and services for free of cost and that too for lifetime period not a trial.

* Better speed, better optimized for search engines.

* Provides an extra layer of security from attackers and hackers.

How to Use Cloudflare ?

Automatic Installation :-

Although several companies like hostgator and bluehost have added the function of activating Cloudflare directly from the Cpanel but it would be better if you do it manually. Still if you want to install it automatically via Cpanel then follow these simple steps :-

* Visit your Cpanel dashboard.

* Under the “Advanced tab” click on cloudflare.

* Select the domain for which you want to activate it.

* Activate it then from the buttons and info provided, that’s all you have to do for automatic installation.

Manual Installation :-

You can visit the official Cloudflare site to use its services and products else you can download the plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

They have a plugin for WordPress called – “CloudFlare”, you first have to install that. Keep one thing in mind that installing the plugin will not do anything unless you configure it for your website. The reason I am saying this thing is because I have seen some newbies doing this mistake and then complaining that their site’s speed has not increased at all.

(For beginners – To install a plugin visit your WordPress Dashboard >> Go to Plugins menu >> Click on Add New >> Type Cloudflare >> Click on Install button. )

How to Setup Cloudflare – The Best Free CDN ?

Once again I am telling you that if cannot install the plugin then you may visit the Cloudflare website directly, everything will be same in that case too.

Now if you have installed Cloudflare’s plugin on your WordPress ( you can visit their site directly also), you need to configure it, lets see how.

If you have downloaded the plugin then visit that plugin under “Settings” tab in your WordPress dashboard and fill the info asked – Your domain name, email, API key. Your work is now to get API key. Beside that API key, you can see a hyperlink as – “Get This”, click on it and it will take you to Cloudflare website.

So you are now on Cloudflare’s Official website, lets see what you have to do now, just sit back and relax, its very easy, follow these steps :

1.) You need to add your website there, enter your domain name and hit on “ADD WEBSITE” button or it may be “BEGIN SCAN”.

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2.) After that it will scan for your records like domain, CNAME, A Records etc.

3.) After it scans it completely, proceed and choose your plan. You have to choose the plans according to your needs, a basic plan for free woudl do good for starting up but in case you want additional features and performance then you may go for a paid one.

best free cdn, how to setup cloudflare

4.)  Now you have got your plan and the cloudflare has scanned your website’s record, you need to change the nameservers. Cloudflare will provide you two nameservers which you have to update in your DNS. Visit your domain registrar account and update these. After you have made the updation refresh the cloudflare page and wait for 24 hours as it takes up to 24 hours to update it properly.

NOTE – If you installed the plugin then get your API key from Cloudflare dashboard and paste it in your plugin.

I would recommend you that you must see your site’s speed before configuring cloudflare, so that you can compare it later. Use Google page Insights to check site speed. After 24 hours of configuring it, visit the Google page speed test again and check your website’s speed again. I am sure, this time the speed has increased. If yes, then high five, congrats.

My Word Over Cloudflare :-

I have been using Cloudlfare since very long and never got a complaint from it. It has protected thousands of website from brute force attacks. I would definitely recommend it.

Over To You :-

Now its your turn to tell us that how you found this great best free CDN. Your comments are welcomed.