Movietube Alternatives For App and Movie Tube Website

Movietube was a highly popular movie app and website which was shut down since they lost a legal case against MPAA for allowing users to stream HD movies for free and movies are copyright content which everyone cannot host without permissions and use them for business purposes, for which movietube had to pay and got penalized. Some of the websites which got turned down were movie,, movie, etc.

Although, the owners had to suffer loss but there were millions of users who also had to suffer because of this ban on movie tube app and website. Their free entertainment source was snatched away from them and there has to be something else in the market which could take place of movietube free movie streaming website and app.

For that very reason we have compiled some of the best alternatives to movietube which you can use and continue your free entertainment like always but keep in mind that these websites or apps may be loaded with some advertisement pop ups, care to tolerate them.

Best Alternatives of MovieTube Apps For Android and iOS

The movietube replacement apps mentioned are for android and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad. For those who want to stream movies on their PCs or laptops we’ll be sharing with you some quality websites that gives free HD movies streaming.

movietube app

First of all it’s time for movie tube alternate apps collection.

Movie Tube Alternatives

  • ShowBox

showbox movietube alternativeThe app is quite popular among movie lovers and it lets you download the movies or watch them offline. It should work for your android devices and PC perfectly. You must give this movietube alternative definitely a try.

If it doesn’t work then try the other mentioned in the list.

OS: Android and PC.


  • Bobby Movie

The previous one was only for android users and this one is here for apple guys, get it for your iOS devices and enjoy free movie seamlessly. Keep your favorite movies bookmarked and watch them anytime without having any need to search for it time and again.


  • Cinema Box

This time, it’s the movietube app alternative for android and iOS users both. You don’t need to go through irritating sign up or sign in process, the app makers knows that you are desperate for movies so they have just given you the access of thousands of movies for free.

OS: Android and iOS

  • Flipps

It is a highly loved movie app which could be one of the best replacement of movietube, for those who only trust downloading apps from official google play store, this is the one for you since it is available officially on play store.

Not only movies, the app also provides you access to current news, YouTube videos and you can also connect the app to your smart TV and enjoy the same thing on bigger screen and it support major brands like Sony, Samsung, Apple, android, XBox etc.

OS: Android and iOS

  • Viewster

You may have probably heard of this name, it is quite popular movie streaming site which is available for android devices also as android app. It provides you movies, TV series and anime series, so it is a complete entertainment packed source to pass time.

OS: Android and PC

Any More Movietube Alike Movie Resources?

If you are not satisfied with these above listed movie tube apps then yes, there are some more, in fact there are large number of apps which you can use in place of movietube.

For that we have created a dedicated page which lists movie apps and you can get here all those free movie apps. The download links for above apps are also given in that dedicated list.

If you want to enjoy free movies on your PC then you can download Bluestacks software which an play any android app or game on your PC but make sure your PC has good configuration since it may slow down you computer if it’s not that good.

In case can’t get Bluestacks and enjoy movietube like apps then just try out these free movie websites for unlimited movies, TV shows, live events and news. Enjoy your new entertainment resources just like you used to enjoy movietube app services.

Websites Like Movietube

There are some websites which allow free online movie streaming and mostly all of them provide good quality, you can choose your preferred quality of movies depending upon the speed of internet you have. So here are some movietube site alternatives.


genvideos watch movies

It is among the top names in the list of free movie streaming and movietube alternatives. The quality it offers for free is really nice and it gives you some latest movies. If you want old movies then it’s database may also have that.


movietube alternative site homepage

This is the search engine of movies, just enter the name of the movie you want to watch in the search box of this movietube alternative site and it will display you the possible links where you can stream that movie at that moment. It works just like other search engines, you enter your query and it gives you results, in short it is a movietube site alternative that gives you various other movietube like sites.


Another movietube alternatives that has the ability to provide you latest movies and that too in high quality. It’s free to use. Icing on the cake is that it serves free TV shows online also, in case you love TV shows then it’s gonna be a perfect movietube site alternative for you.

All the above sources serves the purpose of movie tube site and app alternatives.In case you need more then check out these free movie streaming sites. Hope you had a ball reading this and finally got the best movietube like website or app.