MP3 Juice-Absolutely Free Music Downloader Tool

Music is life, music is love, music is passion, it can mean different to different people but when it comes to get free music download then there is only one tool that would come to your mind and that is MP3 Juice, in case you don’t know about this one, don’t worry you’ll remind of this music downloader only after reading this.

MP3 Juice is actually not the real name but people call it this way not because of any reason but just because it has become famous with this name, in actual it’s Mp3Juices. Doesn’t matter you call it MP3Juice, MP3Juices or Juice Mp3, it will still perform the same functions for you music freaks.

What is MP3 Juice?

It is a browser based music downloader or you can call it music download tool which is absolutely free to use with no limitations or restrictions. Just like machines reduces human efforts to perform any task, this virtual machine or you may call it web program reduces your efforts for downloading music from the internet (click here to check your internet speed).

How Mp3Juices is Better Downloader?

mp3 juice

What resources do you use search for getting free music? There are some common platforms that everyone uses like YouTube (unblock YouTube Videos), SoundCloud, 4Shared but counting on these resources wont be enough sometimes and it also increases the time taken to get a song and if unfortunately you get that song on YouTube then you’ll have to convert that also to audio file, well that is a 20 second work with video to MP3 tools.

MP3 Juice proves to be better music tool since it reduces the efforts and time consumed. It takes hardly 10 seconds to locate a song.

Probabilities of Finding Music on Mp3 Juice

juice mp3

The chances of getting a song or music on MP3Juices is a bit high, actually very high since it searches popular music resources like YouTube, SoundCloud, 3DI, PromoDJ, 4Shared and 5 other famous websites within a couple of seconds and the results are shown on the same page right after the search is completed.

You hold total control of the music websites it would look out for the songs, select the buttons you want to fetch music from, leave the rest unmarked.

Other Features of MP3 Music Juice

Don’t take this as a lightly and average music tool, this has some other functions that are required by music lovers most of the times, lets start exploring them one by one.

Like told earlier, MP3 Juice searches popular websites and YouTube is one of them but since YouTube holds videos only so it converts video files to audio files automatically, you don’t need to give an extra command for converting. The plus point is if you have the link to a video and want it to convert then this music downloader tools also acts as video converter tool, icing on the cake.

  • Music Trimmer and Cutter

mp3 juice cutter

Well you liked a section of a song and want to make that tone your ringtone, no need to get any android app or look for some other tool, MP3Juices has already this feature for you, just upload the music, trim it and cut it according to your needs, check the trimmer here.

  • Cloud Storage

Now suppose you are on someone else’s device but want the music to be on your device, simple, just save it to your cloud storage account, for now it has only 3 services synced i.e Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, and Google drive. You cannot check out some amazing file sharing sites here.

  • Social Share

Sharing our activities on social media is the new trend and this website understands this so you get a Facebook sharing button for every music file to share it directly with your social network. If you want to know who views your Facebook profile then check here and you can also hack your friend’s Facebook password.

You can check more music tools like MP3 Juice here on this music resource page.

Focus And Leap’s Tip:

focusandleap's advice for mp3 juice

There will be some “Download” buttons which are nothing but ads, clicking on those buttons will take you to some third party ad pages or may ask you to install flash players or other media players like that but you don’t need to do anything like that since it is not a streaming website, the below image shows what those ad buttons look like.

mp3 juice ad button

MP3 Juice is a genuine and free music downloader tool that passes no threat to your device and gets you no harmful viruses, completely safe to use. Have fun enjoying music.