Music Downloader-Selected MP3 Apps For Free Music Download

This page is dedicated to all the music lovers, no matter what kind of music you like. It is a well proven fact that when the energy level in our bodies is quite below a certain level then we start feeling as if there is no need to live, this life has become hell and we feel fed up of this life, at that time MUSIC can help us and you can get that from any free music downloader.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that music is passion, music if life and music is one of the greatest healing agents and only a music freak can understand this properly, in short these free music downloader are going to be very useful for you.

Topmost Free MP3 Music Downloader List

Getting free music downloads has become a mess for most of the music lovers as most of the music or songs download websites and apps today have become spammy and they don’t give in return what they promise to. May be you’re also one of those frustrated user, keeping this frustration in mind below are some of the best music download tools, it may be an app or a website.

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Free Music Download Apps and Tools

Here you go with the collection of music and song downloader. The position of the app/website doesn’t determine it’s quality here as all the list items cannot be placed at a single spot, and different users may find different apps useful depending upon their choice and requirements.

If you want a web based music tool then we would recommend you having a look at MP3 Juice, which is an all in one music tool which can trim and convert your videos to audios also.

1.) SoundCloud

If you have heard of this name before then you already know of it’s capabilities and superiority but if you’re hearing of it for the first time then let us tell you that it empowers more than 50 million android devices through app only, website traffic excluded.

It is a music downloader and player simultaneously. Just get the app through playstore, sign in with you Google account and it’s time to explore. You will get thousands of music and songs here that suits your taste. No need to wait for the song to download, it will stream the music for you online.

Download SoundCloud here.

2.) 4Shared

With a fan base of over 50 million and growing, this has become one of the most loved MP3 music downloader among music enthusiasts. On most of the apps you’ll find only English songs but this one has something for everyone, even if you are a Hindi song lover.

All you need to access this app is a smartphone with internet connection, jump into the world of music just by logging in with your Google account.

Download here 4Shared

3.) Free MP3 Downloads

This app for android users is available in English, German, Russian, Indonesian, Brazilian, Portuguese & Lithuanian languages. Just like SoundCloud, it has it’s own inbuilt music player.

The app needs some improvements but it is worth trying. You may get to know about some songs which you have never ever listened before.

Download app of Free Music Downloads

4.) AudioMack

This is the app which can steal the whole show. Either go for the song search you want or explore the list they have provided you categorized according to time, trend, new arrivals etc. Indeed one of the best free music downloader app you can have installed on your devices.

First play the song via inbuilt player and if you like it then hit the “Download” button there to get that particular music on your phone’s memory.

Download the AudioMack

5.) Music Paradise (Recommended)

music paradise downloader

If you want to increase the chances of finding the song then this is the one you should go for without giving a second thought. The app’s size is only around 8 MB.

No need to sign up or sign in, just download & install the app and start using. The user interface is quite simple and easily navigable. It provides you a drop down having 5 search engines, in case you don’t find the song using a search engine then you can choose another but the probabilities of finding the songs are really very high.

Search for the song/album/artist/movie, click on the song and it will start playing it within the inbuilt music player whose sound quality is appreciable.

Our other useful stuff- Reveal any song name without knowing the lyrics.

6.) RockMyRun

If you are a fitness freak then this is definitely for you, there is no place for soft and romantic music in the gym, you need a boost for lifting weights and running and there are some songs that can give you that kind of energy boost.

This music downloader and player allows you to choose the music according to the activity you’re about to perform, set the BPM which means you can increase the song speed as per your activities. Every gym freak is gonna love this app.

Download app here RockMyRun

7.) SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

Indeed a good fit for English songs. The downloading process and UI of this app is quite simple and fast. Lookout for the song/album or artist, click on the song, it will display a dialogue box to download the song/music. Cancel any pop up that appears and the download will start.

The songs will get synced with your default music player.

Download SuperCloud App

8.) Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft

It is just like a search engine which doesn’t have it’s own database but gives you different links you can choose from. It will simply display the results based on your query which’ll be from various sources, all you have to do is click the “Download” button, don’t worry it will not take you to any external page or website.

Download free Music CopyLeft

9.) GTunes Music Downloader

As far as English songs are concerned then you are likely to get what you’re looking for. It is a song free music downloader cum editor. You can edit your songs which you’re already having, cut those songs to make ringtones. It can be given a try.

Download here GTunes

At the time of writing this post all of the above apps are free and working, no malware was detected as these MP3 music downloader apps were tested personally before recommending. Get free music downloads on the go with these updated and recently added new music downloader.