MP3 Skull-Music Search Engine For Free Music Download

There is too much confusion on the web regarding MP3 Skull, many people don’t know that the official MP3Skull free music download website was shut down and was hit by a penalty of $22.2 million. The company was made to shut down since it lost a legal battle against the companies like Sony, RIAA, Warner and Universal.


Now there are many websites which are on the web with somewhat same names like,, they are trying to get the user base of official company, although you can try those also but all are not same.

What is The Genuine MP3 Skull Website?

People generally face these 3 websites while looking out for MP3 Skull music download site:

  • (the best one)
  • (second best)

If you want other awesome music tools then you can have free music downloader or music download tools to get unlimited music.

Now let us clear the confusion, the is not a music search engine, is somewhat like the previous one and allows you to find music like a search engine but with some drawbacks like not showing the video playback and too many ads.

There remains the other which is our main focus and that is, this is the website that acts almost like that of MP3 Juice and has less ads plus it is more visually appealing.

People are supposed to get confused since many other websites use the same logo of previous official MP3 Skull.

This is the logo which you should see when you visit the website

mp3 skull

Functioning of MP3Skull

Now you know which website is the best among all and which one you should use for getting your desired and favorite music, it’s

It functions the same way as MP3Juice does, a reliable search engine that gives you back music in a matter of seconds.

Just visit the website and type in the name of the song or music you want to download. It will fetch the results from 4 sources

  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • Archive

After fetching it will show the results, you can either play it or download it directly. The website does not take much time to play the songs or get you the downloadable file. If the file is from YouTube then you can also see the video playing.

Don’t get confused with the red download and play buttons, those are ads and it will take you to some other page.

mp3 skull buttons

Just like Mp3 Juices, it also acts as a YouTuber converter and downloader, you can search for YouTube videos on the website or copy a URL from YouTube website and paste on, it will convert the video for you.

Although it works like MP3Juices still it is not that good as it searches only 4 sources but mp3juices searches 10 sources and that also has a trimmer to trim your music songs.

To conclude we would say MP3 Skull is a reliable music tool that you can use to search for songs and it cannot run into copyright or legal issues like the official MP3Skull company as it does not host any of the files and look out at other popular resources like YouTube.