No WiFi Games-Best Games to Play Offline Without WiFi Connection

Either call them offline or no WiFi games, it’s the same thing. No WiFi games basically means the games for which you don’t require an internet connection or WiFi to play. There are many offline games for android and iOS both, it truly depends on you that what type of game you would like to play offline.

It could be an action packed game, puzzle game, endless game, sports game. It totally depends on you but there are certainly some games which are so much fun to play and you could just pass your leisure time with those games.

To give you an example of games that requires internet connect or WiFi to work, 8 Ball pool, it is a multiplayer game which will only work if you have internet. All the multiplayer games which finds your opponent online requires internet.

Are All Offline Games literally “No WiFi Games”?

play no wifi games

Not really. Most of the free games (which asks for no price to download or has in-app purchases to continue the game) have ads in them and these games do require internet connection to show ads.

However, this totally depends on you whether you keep the internet on or off. Keeping the internet off will cause no effect to you but it will cause loss to that “No WiFi game” owner.

I would suggest you to keep the internet on even if it is No WiFi Game or offline game since everybody needs money to survive and they will only be able to earn their bread and butter if you allow them to show ads.

11 Best Free Games Without WiFi

Here we begin the list of top and best no wifi games that will allow you to play games without WiFi. You would just need the internet connection while downloading the game, after the game gets installed there is no need of WiFi, it then becomes a choice.

So here are the offline/No WiFi games that you could enjoy offline. Enjoy the WiFi free games now.

Please note that the position of these WiFi free games on the list do not decide their quality, all of them belong to different niche/field so there should not be any comparison among them.

  • Shadow Fight 2

So here is something great for Kung Fu action lovers. You are not a Kung Fu master but you can try all of those deadly moves and weapons on your opponents in this free game without WiFi. The game is quite interesting with lots of action packed within it.

You will not see the face or body of the fighter, these are all shadows who are fighting, now you know the significance of the game’s title as well. Shadow Fight 2 is definitely one of the best action game you could try and play without WiFi.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Game.

  • Badland

Welcome to the Badlands. The names gives it an image of action and fighting game where you will kill the enemies but it is not so. The game is actually a 2D runner game with lots of locations, those locations are actually badlands.

The path you have to cover is not so good and there is something definitely wrong with it. You are being attacked by various lethal weapons. It would be a fun to cross all those obstacles and run through the forest.

Download Badland Here.

  • Asphalt 8

If you love racing then you probably have heard of this name before. Asphalt 8 Airborne is one of the finest and most loved car games.

With quality graphics and game play, this game becomes one of the most loved No WiFi games. People would surely love to play this game even if it demanded WiFi.

The popularity of this game can be judged by the factor that it has been downloaded over 100 million times for android only with average rating 4.5 by over 7 million people, now that’s interesting. One of the must try free games without WiFi.

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Download Asphalt 8 Here.

  • Flip Color Switch

The game title makes it appear like color switch but it is very different from that. It is one of the most highly addictive game which can engage you for so long.

The game developers even challenges every player to make 25 high score in first 5 chances. 25 seems a low score but they challenge and it’s pretty difficult to make 25 in their endless mode.

The game has two modes, endless and levels. Endless is more challenging as compared to level more. A must try.

Download Flip Color Switch.

  • 2048

A brain game which requires a little mathematical skills. The game is challenging and keeps you engaged for a long time. The concept of game is you can add same numbers and you have to keep adding them and attain the highest possible score.

It is not that easy but a truly challenging game, you will love it if you like to use your brain, indeed a good brain teaser no wifi game.

Download 2048 Here.

  • Candy Crush Saga

Here comes a giant game, the concept of which is old but has attained a high user base with its unlimited levels and styling. You get so many new things to see with every level passing.

Although the game is free but has limited chances, sometimes you have to wait for 48-72 hours to begin playing in case your chances are over or you have to enter a new level mode.

People feel this game is very addictive and it indeed is. You should try this game if you want some good time pass wifi free game.

Download game here.

  • Six Guns Gang Shutdown

Here comes another action maniac game developed by Gameloft, a popular developer company. The game has got an average rating of 4.4 by around 2 million people.

There are about 40 levels which you have to complete with awesome weapons and game play. You can get the extra weapons within the game.

Download Six Guns here.

  • Plants VS Zombies 2

This is the second installment of Plants VS Zombies. You might have played games where humans kills the zombies but this is quite different, in fact totally different, here live plants are killing and eating the zombies, this is what makes the game unique.

You have different regions and lands where you could start the fight. Quite entertaining and hilarious.

Download the game here.

  • Sudoku

This is brain game which is being played even when there was no android. Even today is played offline in newspapers, books or magazines making it a super popular game.

How can android not have this game. There are plenty of them just find the game named with Sudoku on play store and you will get many.

  • Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill climb is also a popular one, and this is its second part. In this game you got more cars, more areas and tracks to drive in. A free to download game that can be played offline without wifi. Another one among the other good no wifi games.

Download the game here.

The above are some of the best no WiFi games. They are all free to download, just get them, install them and play even if you have no internet since they all are free games without WiFi.