Which Permalink Structure is best For SEO WordPress

Best permalink Settings For WordPress

Permalink plays a very crucial and important role if we talk about SEO. First of all let me tell you what is a permalink after that I will tell you which permalink structure is best for SEO . Whenever you visit a page on the web, you see the address of that in the address bar, something like this –


This is called the permalink, it is a link of your page or the post which remains same throughout.
You should pay an attention towards the permalink of your posts or else it will ruin all your efforts. By default it is like something written below –


Frankly speaking, this is of no use and many new bloggers don’t know about this and keep on posting but miss the rankings even after working for months. This format of permalink is not user friendly at all, the search engines bots ranks your pages and post based on these permalinks and it is very important to make it readable by bots.

Why You Should Pay Attention Towards WordPress Permalink Settings ?

* The first one reason I have already mentioned above i.e it is not search engine friendly and will keep you away from reaping fruits of your hard work.

* Have you ever seen a problem of your articles not getting indexed or crawled by the Google bots? If yes then visit the Google Support page here you will see something like in the below image :-
Here read the highlighted part of Google Support page, did you noticed now that your permalink or article URL may be reason behind it ? Yes its absolutely right, it might be reason that your article is not crawled yet even after submitting it via Webmaster Tools.

WordPress Edit Permalink Settings :-

For changing the settings of your permalinks follow the path –
Log into your wordpress dashboard >> Go to settings option from the panel on left hand side >> Click on permalinks

After that you will your page like this –


See in the above image that there are different settings to choose from a list of available permalinks. See if it is set to default. If it is then you need to change it right now without delaying. In fact permalink it the thing which the blogger should give a look at and set at the time of setting his/her blog for the first time.

Recommended Permalink Structure For WordPress

Now you have got to know that you need to change it but which format you should use in order to get more benefits from search engine and ranking point of view ? If this was your question then the ans is here, I have collected the permalinks which are best for you, here they are :-
http://www.xyz.com /%postname%/
http://www.xyz.com /%year%/%postname%/
http://www.xyz.com /%year%/%postname%/.html

These three are the best permalink structure for WordPress that can give you better results.
Personally you can see above that I am using Post Name permalink, as it quite short and contains some of your keywords hence can give you better results. Earlier I was using the third one i.e /%year%/%postname%/.html but now I have moved onto only post name permalink structure.
All the above 3 are best, depends upon which you want to use but I would recommend of using only post name in your permalink.

This was the structure which I recommend using but now I would recommend something which you should not use at all and that is using dates in your permalink, this is the reason I am asking you to use only post name, as in future if you would want to republish your article then it might cause a problem as there will be still an old age in your URL.

Keep one thing in mind while updating or republishing the article never try to change permalink after you once hit the “PUBLISH” button.

Is Post Name Permalink good for News Based Site ?

Are you running a news based site like technology news, Bollywood news, current affairs? If yes then having a permalink of Post Name is not good enough for your blog or site.
According to the Google News Submission Guidelines, if you are running a news based site then your article’s URL must be unique containing 3 digits in it which will remain permanent.

Some tips for WordPress Permalink Settings :-

* Prefer dashes over underscores.
* Avoid words like is, are in your permalinks.
* Use keywords in your permalinks.
* Never change the permalink after you hit the publish button, in case you do then don’t forget to set up a 301 redirection to the new permalink.

This time you have committed the mistake of not giving due importance to the permalink structure but in future if you set up a blog a new site then the first you have to do while setting it is setting the the recommended permalink structure.

Conclusion :-

This was all about best permalink settings for WordPress and we can conclude that /%postname%/ structure is best permalink structure for SEO and for news based sites along with the post name your article’s URL must have 3 digits that are permanent and never change permalink after you hit publish button, in case you do then don’t forget to set a 301 redirection to the new link.