Google Dinosaur Game-How To Play This Offline Chrome Game

Today only a minute without internet seems like the end, especially in two cases when you have nothing to do except for surfing internet and when you are doing a work on internet. But it is not in your control, you may face internet problems any time. Google just knows this frustration and therefore has provide Google Dinosaur Game (an endless running game) which you can play offline, in the mean time when you are waiting for internet to connect back.

Google dinosaur game is a fun game which is simple but it has the ability to engage you for some time and forget about the internet issues, it gives you a target which is your own high score and you just get engaged to the game in order to beat your own score.

Here you will get to know what you need to play this google dinosaur game on google chrome browser and how you can have access to this offline game.

Google Dinosaur Game

First you must know that what you would need in order to play this game, the catch is:

chrome google dinosaur game

1.) You should NOT have an internet connection. Stay away from internet connectivity if you want to enjoy this Google chrome offline dinosaur game.

Lets change the statement from “What you need to play google dinosaur game” to “What you don’t need to play google dinosaur game” and the answer would be Internet.

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How to Play Google Dinosaur Game

Now you know that NO INTERNET is the thing you need to enjoy this addicting game. Lets begin with the method to play this game.

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1.) First disconnect your internet.

2.) Now open any website, since you have disabled internet so it won’t open rather it will show an error page. Don’t close the tab since this is where you have to play the game.

3.) Now you see this page on your screen.

google dinosaur game for chrome

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4.) Just hit the “SPACEBAR” key on your keyboard and this dinosaur will take a jump.

5.) The game has started, a road will appear now and it will start running, you have to jump over the obstacles like cactus plants, flying dinosaurs (pterodactyls).

6.) You just need to press the keys to control it, like space bar key to jump, down arrow key to bend it.

That’s all you have to do, just pressing the space bar key will initiate the google dinosaur game. The game goes into the dark mode when you make a good score, that night mode brings more fun. This is truly an addicting game, chrome indeed has an awesome Google dinosaur game which has the ability to bound you to the screen.