Fake Location-Manually Set Your Custom and Fake Location in Browser

You must have seen some websites asking to access your location when your browse their content, sometimes you just don’t want to share your exact location, well if the website is asking for your permission then you can possibly deny it simply but it’s not always the case, your location can also be tracked without that. You may want to tell websites a fake location, a custom location of your choice.

Some sort of website work according to the Geo location of it’s users for example Map Websites, they would definitely track your location and this is only for your benefits, depending on your location they will find nearby nearby services like nearby hospital, nearby restaurants etc.

How to Set A Fake Location

Today IP address is not the only way websites track your location. Either you are using MAC or Windows, you can set a fake location on both the operating systems since it is a browser based feature not OS.

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fake location

We are going to tell you the method for 2 major browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

The method to set fake location that works in Google chrome doesn’t work in Firefox and the method that works in Firefox doesn’t works in Google chrome.

All the Websites, which are using GPS even will also receive your fake location which you have given them.

How to Set Fake Location in Chrome

Here is the first method which works for chrome browser. Just follow these few simple steps and you could yourself a new, customized and fake location. Make any website track you at this fake location.

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1.) Open the chrome browser and visit any website you want.

2.) Now press CTRL+Shift+i on Windows and CMD+Opt+i on Mac. This will open Chrome Developer tools in the same window.

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3.) Now press “Ecs” key, this will show you tabs like “Console”, “Sensor” most probably at the bottom of that chrome developer tool window. There you will see something like this:

fake location co-ordinates

4.) Here you can see a tab called “Sensors”, click on that. In case you can’t see “Sensors” tab, then click on those 3 dost which you see on the left hand side of “Console” tab and select “Sensors” option from there, see the above image again.

5.) Here you will see an option “Geolocation”, by default it is set to “No Override”, this simply means it is sending your exact location to all the websites.

6.) You just need to change this. For changing, click on “No Override” and select “Custom Location”, enter the latitude and longitude values of your choice. If you don’t want to get into this technical thing then just select any preset location from the list you see, but don’t select your own region for the fake location.

custom fake location setup

7.) After that reload that website page and now it will track your new fake location.

This will give you a custom and fake location of your choice. In case you couldn’t find the “Sensors” location at the given place, then try to find it somewhere in the window, it is always there. Look for “Console”, “Emulation” tabs in that case, this is one of the best, fine and shortest method to set up a fake location in Google chrome.

The best part about this method is that it works only when you want for a particular website.

How To Spoof Your Location in Mozilla Firefox

Now the second section of this information which is for Firefox users. Unfortunately you don’t have any manual method to get a fake location but you can an addon which will give you a location you want.

This addon is called “Geolocator“, you can download this addon for Firefox here. It’s a nice location faker.

This add on Geo locates you where you want thus giving you a custom fake location.

These were the two methods for chrome and Firefox browsers which can help you set a custom fake location. Don’t forget to reload the page once you set a new fake location.