Top Live Video Chat Sites to Kill Boredom Online With New People

Isn’t it fun to meet and talk to new people online. Gone are those days when chat rooms were used to send texts only and connect with strangers. Video chats also have its own fun. The biggest advantage of having video chat rather than text chat is that you are sure to whom you are talking, some people fool others by telling lies about their genders, video chat cut out this fraud as well. For this purpose, I have listed some of the best video chat sites which can help you connect with new people.

What people usually do to kill their free time? One of the biggest weapon is Facebook on which mostly spend most of their time, watching YouTube videos and movies online is also a great pass time, playing games is always a fun but there should be something new also, why just stick to one particular thing? Try conversing online face to face with these live video chat websites.

Kill Boredom With These Free Video Chat Sites

live video chat sites online

1.) Omegle

This is one of the most popular online chat websites which allows you to chat via text and video as well. Most of the time you will find more than 20,000 people online on the site (as per site stats). You can add your interest to find people with common interests to make a conversation more meaningful and worthy. Users can use their Facebook likes as interest. You can record the video while talking to others.


One another best video chat site that works perfectly. It asks you to sign up before letting you meet the strangers but don’t worry it doesn’t ask you to confirm the email thus no wastage of time. You can turn off your mic and webcam if you don’t want to show yourself to others. If you want that the server should connect to those people only who have their webcam enables then you do adjust the settings for this by choosing preference as “with webcams enables only”.

After you have connected too many times with different people then it will ask you to confirm your mobile number. You’ll have to enter your mobile number and they will send a code to you which you have to confirm on the site.

3.) Chat Random

It basically takes you to the chat room where there are a lot of people sending messages to a single window. You can see the list of all the online members on the right-hand side from where you can text anyone personally in private and later on from that chat window you can send them a request to have a video chat.

4.) Cam Surf

This is a straight forward site, all you need to do is press the start button and it will start connecting to the people and yes it does work. No sign up, no bullshit, just video chatting. You can filter the results based on countries which make it more interesting.

Most of the sites which I tried took me to the group chats which are most of the time useless, bunch of people texting at the same time and you get to understand nothing. The above-mentioned video chat sites are working, free and easy to use. If you know about any other website then do let me know.