Turn on WiFi Hotspot of Your Laptop – How to Make PC WiFi

It is easy to turn on WiFi hotspot on your phone, all you gotta do is visit the settings panel and look out for tathering. Unlike mobile phones there is no simple feature in your laptop/PC, you have to go through command prompt commands which make it difficult for non-techie guys to follow but still you all can turn on WiFi hotspot of your windows computer and share the internet.

Now the question that comes up is – “Then what method we need to apply for turning our PC to WiFi hotspot?” Isn’t it? I think so.

To answer your question in a straightforward and clear way, I would say that we’ll be using here a tool which turns your computer into a hotspot with just one click.

What Would I Need to Make My Computer a WiFi Hotspot?

how to turn on wifi hotspot laptop

Like I said earlier, you’ll need a tool which can turn your computer to a hotspot with a single click.

And the tool is…..


System Requirements – Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows Server 2008 RS Windows 32/64bit

This is the tool which I have used many times and 99 out of 100 times it has worked perfectly. That 1% failure was also resolved later on. This software is completely FREE OF COST to use.

How to Turn on WiFi Hotspot Using MyPublicWiFi?

Now the question comes up how to use this tool. Lets just begin with the obvious basics.

1.) Visit the website and download the tool. Install it on your system.

2.) After the installation process has been completed, click on start button and type “Mypublicwifi” (or you can directly launch the tool after the installation has been done).

turn on wifi hotspot

3.) The start menu will show you the tool, right-click on it and click on “Run as administrator” as it requires administrator’s permission to run.

4.) Your job is almost over now. After you ran the tool as administrator it will show you something like this:-

turn on wifi hotspot on PC

5.) Here you can see 3 options-

Network Name (SSID) – Keep this whatever you like.

Network Key – This is your hotspot password

Enable Internet Sharing – Choose from the drop down menu which internet you are using and want to share (make sure it is turned on).

NOTE – To make any changes you’ll need to first stop the hotspot by clicking on “STOP HOTSPOT” button at the bottom.

6.) You are done. Start the hotspot and share the internet. Step 5 was to perform one time only, next time you’ll not need to set anything, just open it and turn on WiFi hotspot.

Other Features of MyPublicWiFi-

1.) Multiple Language Support

If you are not comfortable in English then not to worry as this tool is available in 6 different languages: English, Arabic, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Portuguese.

2.) Firewall

This simply means that you can restrict the users connected to your internet to some specific servers like P2P protocols and file-sharing software.

3.) URL Logging

This is a great feature to let you know what URLs have been visited on others devices using your internet connection. You’ll get a complete list of URLs users have accessed.

4.) Clients On

You’ll be shown the MAC address, IP address and the device names of connected clients.

This was by far the easiest method to turn on WiFi hotspot on your computer. Just install this small tool and you’ll be able to make your laptop/PC a WiFi hotspot with just a click.