TutuApp APK for iOS and Android-Get Paid Apps for Free

Not everyone spends money on paid apps, be it iOS or Android, people usually find a way to get premium for free of cost, rooting in android and jailbreaking in iOS are popular but there is an app which is above this and it’s Tutuapp. This is the app which allows users to get paid applications for free of cost on two of the most popular operating systems i.e android and iOS. Tutuapp is in demand for freebie lovers. Here are some details about Tutuapp and the tutuapp APK download.

Tutuapp iOS Version

Firstly, talking about the iOS version of tutuapp then here are few details that you might be interested in knowing.

Basic Purpose of Tutuapp: Allowing downloading of iOS apps.

Now the question is if it allows the downloading of iOS apps then why Tutuapp and why not iTunes. The answer lies in below 3 statements:

These above 3 statements should have cleared every single doubt in your mind that why people want to use Tutuapp, simple, because it is providing users with the apps which are paid for free.

iOS Tutuapp Download

It is a free app but if you wish you can donate them some money to keep the app running, else just get it for free and start using. To download tutuapp apk to your iOS device:

tutuapp helper image

1.)  Visit tutuapp.vip, scan the QR code and download it.


2.) Visit the website tutuapp.com using Safari browser.

TuTu App Supported iOS Devices: iOS 7+, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Tutuapp For Android

There are large number of android users also who would definitely want this app to get free apps, so the good news is that Tutuapp is also available for android devices and it is free to use to here also. Tutu App is mostly loved by Pokemon Go lovers.

Current version of the app weighs 5.81MB which is not too large and easy to download even if you are running on a low storage space.

Get paid apps for free on android devices with Tutu app APK for android. To download the app on your android devices follow these 2 steps:

1.) Visit the website http://www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?r=overseaTutu/ovAnIndex

2.) Scan the QR and begin the download.

Or you may watch this video as well:

Does Tu Tu app works the same way as it does for iOS devices?

Almost yes. For iOS devices you don’t need to sign in using your Apple ID and for android you don’t need to verify your Google ID. You are just getting the apps you want without verification process and that too for free of cost.

For security reasons we haven’t linked to the website of Tutuapps, just copy paste the links given above in the description.

Do tell us your experience with tutuapp for iOS and android.