What is The Name of This Song? Reveal This Name Mystery in Seconds

Songs and music are love but we often face a situation when we love a song but don’t know anything about it, not even the lyrics. If you have got the lyrics then there is no issue in finding the song as you can google it but the problem appears when we are not aware of the lyrics. People do ask “What is the name of this song?”, it used to be difficult but not now as there are some song identifiers which understands this problem of us humans.

If you can even hum the song, you can get to know about the name of that song. All the services listed below are free to use and just like you many other music lovers use them, that will actually depend on you that which song identifier suits you and fulfills your demands. The tools aren’t gonna disappoint you in any way as they are quite reliable song identifiers.

What is The Name of This Song!!!

If your friends have failed to answer your question “What song is this?”, then its the time to move on to something else.

The tools have been divided into 4 different categories, namely:

  1. Use your vocal cords – You can use your own voice to get the song name.
  2. Mobile application platform – Search on mobiles using apps.
  3. Asking humans – Ask people like you in communities.
  4. Virtual keyboard – Play the tone on virtual keyboard.

What Song is This?

Let’s begin the hunt now starting with the very first category.

thinking what is the name of this song

1.) Use Your Vocal Cords

Almost all of us can hum the song very well as we all cannot use play the tone on keyboards, so using it first would be best option among all.

i.) Midomi

One of the best human voice based song identifier. I tried to find an Eminem song on the site by humming it’s tone and got the correct results. It gives you the results which the system thinks resembles your tone the most.

All you have to do is click on “Click and sing or hum” button, then it will ask you for access to microphone, accept it and start singing or humming the song, press the same button to stop, it will get back to you with results withing a couple of seconds.

2.) Using Song Identifier Mobile Apps

You can’t always visit the websites and use the services, most of the internet users today are from mobile and that’s why we have listed the best music identification apps to answer your query “what is the name of this song?”

i.) Shazam

One of the biggest and best song identifiers you can have to help you know “what is the name of this song”. It is available as app for android and iPhone and windows software also but you’ll need to have installed windows 10 to be able to run this application.

Install the app, you will see a button like “Touch to Shazam”, click on that and play the song you have (even if you have 2-5 seconds of tone), it will identify the song immediately and along with the result it will show the number of app users who have searched for the same song. Too easy to use.

ii.) SoundHound

Another useful and wonderful music identifier to help you know the song name. This also falls under the first category of “Use you vocal cords” as you can sing or hum the song to identify it if you don’t have the song for playing. Tap the button and start singing/humming or playing the song it will display you the results within 5-10 seconds maximum.

Along with the name it also tells the album, artist and the lyrics too and your searches are also saved so that you don’t need to sing or play the song again for identification in case you forget about it.

The app is available for apple, android, windows and blackberry.

iii.) TrackID

Not very good at identifying songs as I tried to know about 4 songs but it showed the info for only 1. It lets you see what other people are searching for across the world. If you don’t have the internet connectivity when the song is playing around then don’t worry, just tap the button and let it identify, it will show a message like “You are not connected so the songs can be identified later”, once you have the internet connection, visit the list and start the identification process.

3.) Asking Humans

i.) Name My Tune

You can either record your tune and ask other people to help you recognize the song or you can listen to other people’s tunes to help them recognize the song. Give it the access to your microphone and you’re good to go.

Make sure you speak clearly and loud enough to let the system capture your voice.

ii.) WatZatSong (currently site is not working, will update soon)

This is the social network for people like you who are searching for song names and info. Upload a short recording of the song you’re looking for, you can even hum the song, and upload it to your profile, people will listen to it and answer to it.

The members here are quite active and you may even get an answer within 10-30 minutes, that totally depends whether anyone recognizes your song or not.

You may also help the community members by listening to their audio uploads and helping them identify the song.

4.) Virtual Keyboard

We have reached the final category i.e “Using virtual keyboards“.

i.) MusicPedia

One of the virtual music system song identifier. It gives you 5 options to choose from, namely, Keyboard search, Contour search, Flash piano, by microphone, and Rhythm search and all of these are further divided into different categories and you can use anyone of them to identify your song by tune.

ii.) MelodyCatcher

Before you begin the search let me tell you that this system needs you to install the JRE (Java setup) on your computer, Javascript and Cookies enabled in your browser.

After you have enabled all of these things you can go for a song hunt using it’s virtual keyboard system.

Is “What is the name of this song” still an unanswered question for you after getting to know about the best ever song identifiers. Happy exploring your MP3 Songs.