Windows trick to Set Computer Time Limit

Windows trick to Set Computer Time Limit

Do you want your son/daughter, younger brother of friend to spend limited time on your computer? Video games, social media or other computer based distractions are the worst nightmare which parents often get about their child’s future, as most of the children spend most of their on computer playing games or surfing internet but no problem this windows trick will help you control the period of time for which your child/brother/friend will use the computer, through this window trick you will be able to limit computer limit as you can set computer time limit in your computer which will keep your child away from this distraction at least for the time you decided.
So now without wasting much of the time let us have a look on how to limit time on computer for your child/younger brother/or any other person :-
This is a very very simple trick which will take your 2 minutes hardly and you will be done. The terms may differ according to the windows, below terms and words are as per windows 7 but it is there in control panel in every windows.

STEP I.) First of all click on “Start” menu icon from the desktop and then click on Control Panel icon.
STEP II.) Then click on ” User Account and Family Safety “.
STEP III.) When it open up then open ” Parental Controls ” or it may be ” Family Safety ” as well in other windows.
STEP IV.) After you have clicked on Parental Controls then choose the user account for which you want to apply computer time limit.
STEP V.) After choosing the desired account you will see some options of Parental Control on your screen which include Time Limit, Allow and Block specific programs.
STEP VI.) Then click on Time Limit, then you can set the time limit for different days according to you.

This was all you have to do, hardly it will take your 2 minutes.

You can also block some specific programs from the reach of other people as well by choosing the option “ Allow and Block Specific Programs ” in the Parental Controls.

So this was the window trick to set computer time limit, this way you can also limit internet time for your child. Hope you liked the article about how to limit time on computer for specific user accounts.